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Our Academic Program


St. Matthew's is focused on developing skilled and fluent readers through our curriculum. Our earliest grades focus on learning how to read, while our older grades focus on reading to learn. Based on the "Science of Reading", our curriculum supports both phonological development and a rich knowledge base.


Focused on fundamental skills, our mathematics program is designed to ensure basic computations skills are met while mastering more advanced concepts. Our program goes up to Algebra I and ensures all students leave St. Matthew's prepared to enter high school at a high performing level.


Through a focus on hands-on learning, our science program is rich with engaging activities, challenging tasks, and robust academic content knowledge. You will find students engaging in lab experiments, even starting at a young age!

Social Studies

Our K-8 Social Studies fosters Catholic citizens through faith-guided exploration of history, cultures, and social justice. We weave academic excellence with Catholic values, empowering young minds to become agents of positive change in the world. Join us in cultivating compassionate, critical thinkers who are ready to make a difference!


St. Matthew's is rich with technology. Integrated into every classroom, students experience and learn how to use devices like iPads, Chromebooks, Promethean boards, robotics, and 3D printers. We utilize these technological devices to enhance learning at every corner!


Fundamental to a Catholic school is the formation of our saints. Religion classes are daily and start in PreK all the way through 8th grade. Our 2nd grade and 8th grade are particularly important years as these are considered sacrament years!

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