23-24 Supply & Reading Lists

Supply & Reading Lists 2023-2024

Click here for the PreK-8th Supply & Reading lists:

Please see the reading list above for grade appropriate suggestions and summer reading guidlines. 


  • Children of all ages benefit from hearing stories read aloud. Please read to your child every day. Please encourage your child to select books from the list that interest them. Also, encourage your child to choose several books that they can read to you!

3rd & 4th:

  • 1 required book, 2 additional books of choice from suggested list.
  • Be prepared to answer test questions that will include the names of the main characters, a physical description of each main character, a description of the setting (time period and place), a description of the problem (conflict) in the story, a description of the final outcome, etc.
  • Students will need to bring their copy of the book the first day of school. 

5th & 6th:

  • All students are required to read at least two books. If you would like to read a novel outside ofthe suggested book list, please get approved by Ms. Dubberly ([email protected])
  • Book report on ONE book:
    • Include the title, author, type of book (fiction or non-fiction), names of main characters, and a short description of each character. Include a one-paragraph introduction (good place for the title, author, type of book), one paragraph naming and describing the characters, a one-paragraph summary of the story, a one-paragraph reaction to the book (Did you like it? Why or why not?), and one-paragraph conclusion of your report. This report must be typed and turned in no later than Friday, August 18th, 2023.
  • Additional suggestions:

7th & 8th:

  • Over summer read at least two books. Keep a list of what you've read. Record the title, author, anything you want to remember about the story, and an indicator of how much you liked (or didn’t like) it. When we get back to school, you will do an assignment on the books that you read this summer.
  • You can choose any two books you want for the assignment, as long as it fits the following criteria:
    • It is fictional (in order to complete the assignment, you will need to talk about elements like plot, characters, theme, setting, etc.)
    • It is a chapter book
    • You read it sometime this summer
  • Additional suggestions: