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Local Catholic High Schools

Online access to textbooks, additional practice and games

Pre Kindergarten
1st Grade
  • SuperKids Reading- online review and games that go along with classroom curriculum. Letters sent home by teacher
  • Math- offers additional practices and games
  • Religion chapter reviews and activities
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
Social Studies Grades 5-8
  • The 5th Grade Social Studies book can be accessed at

    • Usernames: first name initial, full last name (no hyphens)
    • Passwords: Password1 (capital P)
    • Math, science, and social studies are all on the same platform.
  • The 6th grade social studies book can be accessed at
    • Usernames: first initial and the full last name
    • Passwords: Password 1 (capital P)
  • The 7th grade social studies book can be accessed at 
    • username: sgrade133
    • password: student7
Religion Grades 5-8
English/Literature Grades 5-8
Mathematics Grades 5-8
  • Khan Academy- Great extra resource for virtual tutoring. Free to sign up.
  • IXL- offers great review and practice based on grade level and concepts.
  • Prodigy Math- Usernames given to students at school.
    • Class codes (only need to be entered once):
      • 5th grade- 543079
      • 6th grade- 851391
      • 7th grade- 52B56E
      • 8th grade- 5E29BD
  • 5th - 8th- can access student resources at
    • Usernames: individual usernames have been given
    • Passwords: Password1 (capital P)
  • 5th - 8th:  Google Classroom - Students were given codes or invitations by any teachers with a google classroom.
    • Usernames: their email address
    • Passwords: individual passwords
Science Grades 5-8