Elementary School

Elementary years begin with Kindergarten & the challenges of increasing, yet age-appropriate curriculum. Our program for students in grades one through four focuses on the modalities and the learning style of each child. Researched-based, best practices of teaching strategies for students are. Daily activities include student-centered, interactive lessons to encourage the development of students as critical thinkers able to work with others solving real world problems and preparing for middle school.

Students attend various field trips throughout the year as well as participate in holiday theme based centers/activities. In addition to their homeroom class (where they learn Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Social Studies, Science, and English), they attend enrichment courses. 

Elementary School: Religion- 3 times/week, Art- 1 time/week, Music- 1 time/week, Robotics- 1 time/week, SEL- integrated into homeroom class, PE- 2 times/week